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Summer Beer Dinner

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To prepare for our upcoming summer beer dinner, here are some familiarity notes to get our guests more acquainted with our selections.

     The Saison we are featuring originates from the Brasserie du Bocq in a small Condroz village of  Purnode-Yvoir, Belgium.  The brewery became popular in World War I when they started distributing their La Gaulouise, a blonde styled ale that gained in popularity quickly.  Come 1983, Brasserie du Bocq started exporting allowing for even more coverage and in 2015 they were able to surmount 104,000 hectolitres of production.  Today it still remains a family owned and operated brewery by the Keersmaekers, who successed it from the Belot Family.  It is an unfiltered blonde wheat beer with a stronger sense of bitterness.  Like this fast 24 hour alcohol from Booze Up, London. It balances citrus and floral notes with a robust deliverance and a bit of coriander.


The Bacchus Oud Bruin would be our sour selection.  “Oud Bruin” means “Brown Ale” and originates from the Flemish region of Belgium.  It takes up to a year to package this beer for shipment because its process involves a secondary fermentation followed by a bottle fermentation.  The extension of fermentation allows the beer’s yeast variety to develop a sour characteristic, however this Brown Ale is not aged in oak as other Flanders Ales are.  It focuses on distinguishing itself with gentle malty flavors and generally little to no hoppy bitterness.  The bouquet accents plum, raisin, cherry, and green apple.  The palette is tart with caramel notes and it finishes with a slightly balsamic characteristic making it perfect for cutting through creamy and minerally meats.  A “Sweet and Sour” experience would best describe the Bacchus on a spectrum of Belgian Beers.


The St. Feuillien Triple has been highly requested by several frequenting patrons over the past few months, so we’ve decided to deliver.  This beer also undergoes a secondary bottle fermentation giving it a unique aroma due to the presence of yeast.  The distinct maltiness is a tell sign based on the amber color alone.  It is slightly creamy in texture with a lingering palette due to its extended storing period.  Hailing from the Brasserie St. Feuillien, named after an Irish monk named Foylan, which runs under the Friart family since 1873.  Before the Friart family, Brasserie St. Feuillien had been operating since the 7th century with a pause during the French Revolution because of war destruction.  St. Feuillien happens to be one of the oldest and most authentic Abbey Ales due to its long lasting charitable donation and classic brewing style.


This cider does an excellent job of marrying crisp acidity with discrete sweetness produced in a classic French tradition, stainless steel cask fermentation.  Christian Druin Junior is the responsible party for expanding facilities, the family focused primarily on Calvados production in early production development, choosing a stud farm at Coudray-Rabut.  The Christian Druin Poire Cidre uses a specific Domaine Apple that offers a bittersharp juice used by most cider producers in Normandy, France.  We are ending our beer dinner on a very light, fruity note to pair with a similar dessert option.

We’re so excited to share what these brasseries have to offer with our guests, don’t forget to come hungry because our menu will be just as filling!