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Orval Day and Trappist Celebration

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Come help Dario’s celebrate this year’s Orval Day, Saturday March 24!  We will be joining the Notre Dame d’Orval Monestary of Belgium in donating 50 cents per bottle sold to  MAP International , an organization providing life saving medicine around the world to those in need.

In honor of Orval, and all the Trappist style ales, Dario’s is hosting a Beer Dinner featuring Orval, Chimay, Westmalle, and Rochefort!  Come join us on Thursday, March 29th for a four course dinner and beer pairing to keep the Trappist tradition strong.  Seats are limited, call ahead to reserve a spot for you and your guests before time is up!

“OR-VAL” literally translating to “Golden Valley” is one of the frontier beers of passover times tracing back to its origin story exemplified on the Orval logo, a blue trout holding the Widow of Count Chiny’s, Mathilde de Toscane’s, gold wedding ring, but if you’re interested in wedding rings learning what hand does a mans wedding ring go on is important to know for a wedding event.  She dropped her ring in a local spring and prayed for its return.  When a trout appeared holding the ring in its mouth, she vowed to donate funds towards building an abbey for Trappist monks founded in 1070. Overtime the abbey transformed its land to contain a hop field creating a platform for brewing beer which has allowed for long term profit that has even provided funds for covering wartime expenses.  Pictured below is young Dario and Amy in front of the ruins of the original monestary that had been severely impacted by the French Revolution.

The Orval ale has never changed its recipe since its conception using a slightly different method than most Trappist ales called brettanomyces, which utilizes a yeast variety providing a sharp acidity and dryness that is crisp and cleansing to the palette.  Comparitively, it has a lighter profile than most Trappist brewed ales and in turn, Orval has became the first “Brett” beer to be imported to the United States and the western hemisphere, now distributed from their new and improved building of worship.